Saturday, 2 November 2013

My 1969 Sprite 400 is Home!

Yes, you heard it here first! My free 1969 Sprite 400 is now home - well, in a storage compound about two miles away from my house. My friend Susan kindly let me store it at her house for a few weeks until I found storage nearer home.

I drove down to Coventry to pick up the 400, meeting my friend Chris on the way to help me.


After a couple of hours spent at Susan's to get the caravan and fit a proper number plate, we got back to Chris' storage compound. Here we managed to find a few scrap caravans to pull some parts from! What a hoard we managed to get!

Sprite badges, vents, table catches, a door lock, gas lamp, metal door bin, 12v electric extension, gas light mantles....

a teapot, 12v vacuum cleaner, tea/coffee/sugar canisters, tupperware bowls, 12v light....

Junk - err, I mean treasure - aside, it took me longer than expected to get home as there was a lot of traffic. The storage compound had closed for the night so I had no choice but to squeeze the 400 on my drive:

I also shamefully took this opportunity to sleep in it! A very comfy bed surprisingly! I loved it, although it was a bit cold in the morning. I got up nice and early to clear out the interior and give it a good vacuum, wipe down, dust and general clean. Once done, the caravan looked ready to go away on holiday in...

And finally, mad rush to get the Sprite 400 to the storage compound before work! But here is it's new home for now. Now to start work on it...

Thanks again to Susan Loasby for all their help! And apologies for everyone I promised photos to, but here here they are! Enjoy and thanks everyone for the well wishes and interest.


  1. I don't know you.. but I love the knotty pine in your little cutie "glamper". I'm sooo happy for you! I own a lovely 20' travel trailer (self contained and all the jazz), but my true heart yearns for an awesome little camper like I grew up camping in with my family. One day... it will fall in my lap. YOU HAVE A GEM!!!

  2. What a lovely journey we had! Also cannot believe the amount of Treasures we managed to pull out of the caravans that had sat there for 20+ years that were beyond salvageable. Chris :D

  3. LOVE the integrated sink/stove in the Sprites kitchen counter!

  4. Hi I'm looking for a door lock to fit a 1969 sprite musketeer, can you help? Thanks lee