Sunday, 26 June 2011

Need some help on designing the perfect vintage interior?

Check out Campers-a-gogo, a company that can supply you with custom made soft furnishings and must have vintage accessories. Made by sourcing the finest fabrics specially sourced accessories, Campers-a-gogo will be able to transform your vintage 'van with some much deserved love and attention. They cater for all classic caravans and especially VW camper vans. There's something there for everyone. Please feel free to take a look at their website by clicking the green link.

Saturday, 25 June 2011


As of today, the Cool Caravanning blog is now live. Please feel free to browse the pages and ask any caravan/vintage related questions as you wish. You can do this via the comments box at the bottom of the 'Q and A' page. Hopefully you'll find something of relevance. Try the 'Caravan Servicing' page for a 10 part guide to getting your caravan ready to tour with, try the 'Vintage Styling' page for some tips on creating the perfect vintage look. There is space to add your own styling tips too. Also there is a page for tips, some of these tips may be of use to you. See the 'Jargon Glossary' for some definitions of some of caravanning's more technical terms and see the 'Towing Code' page for tips on loading, towing and must have accessories. Finally, as mentioned, use the 'Q and A' page to ask your questions and browse at some frequently asked caravanning questions. Thank you for taking your time to view the blog and I hope it is of some use to you. I am still adding articles to the blog, so you can follow the blog by using the followers tool (no Blogger account necessary) or by entering your e-mail address at the bottom of the Blog page to receive notifications of the updates.
Thank You and Happy Caravanning!

Monday, 20 June 2011

New Blog - Hello!

Just a quick note to say that the blog is currently under development, so please be patient. The blog will go live as of the 25th June 2011. Be sure to follow this blog to receive up to date posts from the blog and to be alerted when the blog goes live. Please be sure to add your comments and suggestions to help improve the blog as I want it to be as helpful as possible. Thank you for your support.