Friday, 26 August 2011

New feature - Collectors Corner!

To begin this month's forthcoming updates, I have added a new feature to the bottom of the 'Vintage Styling' page - Collectors Corner. This section will be updated weekly and showcases some great caravan related memorabilia, which makes and interesting read!
Also treated to updates are the 'Vintage Styling' and 'Caravan Servicing' pages, with the 'Vintage Styling' page receiving more images and revamped bunting instructions. The 'Caravan Servicing' page now benefits from details for servicing older caravan chassis types including the B&B chassis (including diagrams) for those with older caravans.
The updates will hopefully all be installed by the end of next week - so keep checking!
In the mean time, Happy Caravanning!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Save up for your vintage caravan - with a vintage caravan moneybox!

Here's something interesting I found last week; it's a 1970's caravan moneybox construction kit. Designed by a company called UDT Finance, the kit pushes out in parts and with the aid of folding and some glue, forms a caravan shaped moneybox. Simply lift the rooflight and insert coins!
Obviously there aren't enough original copies to go around, but should you fancy having a go at making your own, here are the scans of the original; simply click to enlarge and print off to complete.