Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend is quickly approaching. For many of us, this is the start of our caravanning season. Be sure to make sure that your caravan is fully prepared for use after this long harsh winter; you can follow the maintenance tips on our Servicing Page to get you started. Take the time now to make sure that you have charged the leisure battery, cleaned out the water system even if you don't drink water from it (powdered solutions are easily and cheaply obtained from caravan dealers), greased the corner steadies, checked the tyre pressures, checked the wheel nuts are tightened correctly and most importantly: inspect tyres for any damage. Be sure to try to ventilate your caravan a little before taking it on holiday if it has been sealed up for a few months over the winter period.

Meanwhile, a friend from the Loyal Order Of The Glamper shared this wonderful "Easter Egg Camper" tip - perhaps the artsy ones among you would like to have a go at making these cute campers, I know I will be doing!

Finally, have a great Easter everyone and Happy Caravanning!

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